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River Parks has many beautiful venues that are perfect for hosting events of all sizes. When planning to have an event or provide concessions or merchandise at River Parks, remember that you will need to request a permit via our application process. Once your application is received, a member of the River Parks staff will contact you regarding the status of your event permit.

Insurance: During the life of the Event Contract, the Permittee shall, at their own expense, maintain in full force and effect, insurance policies written by an insurance company authorized to do business in the State of Oklahoma, in such form and with such endorsements as shall protect the Authority against any and all such damages, loss, claim or expense resulting from the operation of this Event.

Specifically, the Permittee shall maintain the following insurance coverage:
Worker’s Compensation (if applicable): Statutory
Employer’s Liability (if applicable): $100,000 each accidentComprehensive General Liability
Bodily Injury: $175,000 individual any single accident
Bodily Injury: $1,000,000 multiple claimants any single accident
Property Damage: Each Accident, $50,000; and
Product Liability Insurance: Same as bodily injury.Comprehensive Automobile Liability
Bodily Injury: $175,000 individual any single accident
Bodily Injury: $1,000,000 multiple claimants any single accidentSaid policies must specifically name these  three entities:
1. River Parks Authority, Tulsa, Oklahoma;
2. City of Tulsa, and
3. Tulsa County as Additional Insureds and granted a Waiver of Subrogation as required by written contract thereunder; until such policies of insurance reflecting such coverage have been submitted to and approved by Authority, this contract is without force or effect.

(Important Note: These three entities must be named as “ADDITIONAL INSUREDS and Waiver of Subrogation”. This is not the same as “Certificate Holder!” See your insurance agent‐‐this is the most common reason for rejected certificates.)

Permittee shall reimburse Authority for any damages that occur in conjunction with the Event, including setup or tear‐down, to turf, vegetation, pavement, or other structures, equipment or facilities of the Authority, whether caused by willful intent or accident.

Cleanup: Permittee shall be solely responsible for cleanup of the entire area used for the Event. All trash, debris, etc., shall be bagged and placed inside one of the large containers (“dumpsters”). The permittee is specifically instructed NOT to use trash barrels located in the park, as these containers are not intended for the volume of trash generated by an event. Authority will charge Permittee for cleanup of the entire area used by the Event if the Permittee’s cleanup is deemed unsatisfactory. The judgment of the quality and satisfaction of cleanup will be solely the determination of the Executive Director of the Authority or his duly appointed designee.
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