event application


River Parks has a number of venues available for individuals, companies, and organizers who wish to reserve a park area or hold an event. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

Most non-commercial, smaller sized gatherings do not require an application, event fee, or insurance. In other words, this type of event does not need River Parks’ approval. Example: Jenny would like to have her son’s birthday party at River Parks at the 41st Street Plaza. She is inviting 15 of her friends and not charging a fee to be there. She does not require any River Parks utilities, such as electricity. In this case, Jenny would be welcome to hold her gathering at River Parks. Such events are welcome to bring portable tables, chairs, blankets, and pop-up tents no larger than 12′ x 12′. All events need to obey park curfew (11 pm-5 am). Gatherings that are repetitive, in the same location, and require tents or amplified sound should contact our office to see if a permit is necessary. Keep in mind that River Parks does not have a reservation system for small, non-commercial events. All park areas are “first-come, first-served.” This includes the 41st Street Plaza and the Pavilions at Turkey Mountain. If you would like to have an event at River Parks, you will need to show up early enough to reserve your preferred location. It would also be wise to check the River Parks Events Calendar to make sure there are no large events occurring at that time.

– Regarding 41st Street Plaza: This is one of the busiest areas of River Parks. If you choose to have your small event at the 41st Street Plaza, keep in mind that this area is “first-come, first-served.”

– Regarding weddings: River Parks can assist you in reserving an area for your wedding. You may begin the process here. 41st Street Plaza is the only area of River Parks that will likely not be available.

– Regarding small events requiring utilities such as electricity: Please fill out an event application to start the process. You may begin the process here.

Commercial and Medium-to-large sized events (more than 25 people) or events that are fee-for-service (i.e. yoga class, bootcamp, dog training) promoting or selling a product will need to complete an event application, pay an event fee, and acquire event insurance. You may begin the process here. Filling out the application is the first step, and DOES NOT guarantee that your event will be approved.

Questions? Call (918) 596-2008, or email events@riverparks.org.