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Find your favorite place at River Parks! Iconic structures abound, both man-made and natural. The 29th Street Pedestrian Bridge is one of the more famous installations at River Parks.
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World-Class Trail System

Thanks to generous donations from private donors and public contributions, River Parks features a world-class paved trail system perfect for running, hiking, mountain-biking and walking.
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Events at River Parks

River Parks is home to Tulsa’s most exciting events, including Tulsa Oktoberfest, The Color Run, SCOTFEST, Tulsa Tough, and much more! Learn more about upcoming events on the River Parks calendar.
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Important Trail Update

The West Bank Trail from the West Bank Sports Complex (soccer fields) to Cherry Creek will have intermittent closures until Summer 2015.

Announcing Linde Process Plants, Inc., as the Title Sponsor of Oktoberfest

Tulsa’s favorite fall festival is now Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa, thanks to a generous five-year commitment from Linde Process Plants. Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa is the signature event of Oktoberfest, Inc., a 501(c)(3) corporation based in Tulsa, and is produced by River Parks Authority. Ranked as one of the top ten Oktoberfests in the country by USA Today, Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa takes place October 16-19, 2014 at River West Festival Park, and will attract nearly 60,000 visitors over four days. Top German bands are flown in to perform each year and more than 60 types of beer from around the world will be featured, along with authentic food, games, rides and events. Linde Process Plants is a member of the Linde Engineering Division of The Linde Group, a gas processing and engineering firm with a world-wide presence. The company is a single-source technology, engineering, procurement and construction company with expertise in gas processing, refining and deep cryogenics. Linde Process Plants has approximately 400 employees in Tulsa. Read more about our new corporate partner on their website, READ MORE HERE

River Parks Celebrates 40 Years!

Established in 1974 as a public-private partnership, River Parks celebrates its 40th year of operation in 2014. That’s 40 years of providing the public with Tulsa’s best events, trails, and recreational opportunities! River Parks presents a number of unique opportunities for visitors to experience Tulsa’s great outdoors. Our proximity to the Arkansas River gives unprecedented access to our prairie river. Over 26 miles of curated paved trails offer runners and cyclists a world-class opportunity to freely travel along the river. Turkey MTN, one of the few urban wildernesses in the United States, is an exciting area to explore, mountain bike, hike, and “get away from it all”. Events at River Parks include Tulsa Oktoberfest, SCOTFEST, The Color Run, Tulsa Tough, and a number of other festivals, 5k events, cycling races, and more. Come find your place at River Parks!

Getting Ready for Spring

Tie up those running shoes! Adjust that derailleur! Get the kids ready! IT’S ALMOST SPRING! If you’re like us, you have had just about enough of wintertime. Cabin fever has came and went; we’re talking about full-on hibernation-mode here! So to get...

River Parks Celebrates 40 Years

For those of you counting, 2014 marks River Parks’ 40th year of providing events, activities, and park facilities to the public! The River Parks Authority, created by the City of Tulsa and Tulsa County in April of 1974, soon began transforming the riverfront...

How Safe is the Water in the Arkansas River?

“Can I swim in the river?” “Are the fish safe to eat?” “Is the water polluted?” The question of water safety is raised somewhat frequently to employees of River Parks. This post is a brief summation of the water quality standards...