East bank stabilization project to begin January 15, 2018

The City of Tulsa began a bank stabilization project on January 15, 2018 that is anticipated to take 3 months. At certain times during the project, the portions of the paved trail south of 56th will be diverted to a temporary gravel path. We apologize for this inconvenience, but without the stabilization, the trail would… Read more »

Visit Whole Foods Thursday, January 11th!

East Bank – 31st & Riverside Area

Many thanks to our thousands of park users who understand “no pain, no gain” as a portion of the park and trail is closed for an extended period.  Work is underway to transform the 31st and Riverside area into the amazing, world-class Gathering Place!  The park and trail from 27th to 35th Streets, including the… Read more »

West Bank – River West Festival Park – 2100 South Jackson

The River West Festival Park has been renovated, creating a beautiful new space for outdoor recreation and entertainment.  The work was completed in September 2015.  Improvements to the park include expanded parking, a new playground, a restroom, a performance platform with views of the downtown skyline, plus new lighting, landscaping, sidewalks and trail.  A new… Read more »

West Bank – Festival Park to Southwest Boulevard

The section of trail from the Festival Park to Southwest Boulevard has been upgraded to a new, wider and safer standard. Improvements feature new lighting and park furnishings.