Other Attractions and Points of Interest

29th Street Pedestrian Bridge

The 29th Street Pedestrian Bridge at River Parks at nightThe Pedestrian Bridge, formerly used by the Midland Valley Railroad, spans the river’s 1,400-foot channel at 29th and Riverside. At the northeast corner of the nearby 31st Street parking lot, visitors can leave River Parks and travel the Midland Valley Trail, winding through historic Maple Ridge and into downtown Tulsa.  Zink Dam, a 1983 public-private project named in honor of the John Steele Zink Foundation, the lead private donor, is located adjacent to the Pedestrian Bridge. The dam creates Zink Lake, impounding the river’s water two miles upstream to create a more consistent water level.  Blair Fountain, a massive fountain/sculpture, is located just north of the east end of the Pedestrian Bridge in the river channel.  In future years, plans call for upgrading Zink Dam with an improved design and additional gates.  There is also interest in expanding the Tulsa Wave to create a whitewater park across the entire river channel below the dam.

38th Street Rugby Field

The Tulsa Rugby Football Club subleases its field at 38th and Riverside Drive, where it holds practices and games.  The club competes in the USA Rugby Football Union and plays both a spring and a fall season.

71st Street BOK Plaza

The BOK Plaza's Bear FountainThe BOK Plaza is a focal point of the park at 71st and Riverside and a popular backdrop for photos.  The plaza was a joint project of Bank of Oklahoma and NatureWorks, Inc., with the two organizations teaming to create a sandstone waterfall populated with a mother Black bear and her three cubs.

River SkatePark

The River SkatePark is operated by the Tulsa (City) Parks Department and is located south of 23rd Street on the west bank.  The facility is fenced and lighted, with steel ramps and jumps, as well as spectator seating; no on-site staffing or supervision is provided.  Information about the River SkatePark is available by calling Tulsa Parks at (918) 596-2527.