Fishing is a popular activity at River ParksThe Arkansas River at Zink Dam is a popular spot to fish for catfish and Striped Bass.  Wading in the river channel to fish is allowed, but fishing piers on the south face of the Pedestrian Bridge offer a safer, elevated location, especially during high water flows in the river.  An Oklahoma fishing license is required and fishing is allowed in most areas of the park except those specifically posted with “No Fishing” signs, such as the north side of the Pedestrian Bridge walkway and the concrete promenade area around Blair Fountain.  Bowfishing is allowed in a zone south of the 29th Street Pedestrian Bridge on the west bank. Bowfishing from the 29th Street Pedestrian Bridge is not allowed. Warning lights on the south side of Zink Dam indicate rising water, but anyone fishing in the channel must stay alert to water levels which can fluctuate rapidly.  Fishing regulations are enforced by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.