Park Maps & Trail Conditions

Park Construction & Trail Closures

  •   East Bank – Casino Construction Entrances South of 81st

A major construction project at the Creek Nation Casino will impact River Parks east bank trail traffic south of 81st Street for an unknown length of time while work continues on a hotel and expanded dining/entertainment facilities.  Construction traffic has appropriate warning signs and is required to stop and be watchful for trail users when entering and exiting the property.  Stop signs are being added requiring trail traffic – pedestrians and cyclists – to stop before crossing vehicle entrance/exit.  We understand the inconvenience, but believe this is the only reasonable way for both construction workers and trail users to share responsibility for safety at this location.

  •   East Bank – 31st & Riverside Area


Many thanks to our thousands of park users who understand “no pain, no gain” as we close a portion of the park and trail for an extended period.  Work is underway to transform the 31st and Riverside area into the amazing, world-class Tulsa’s Gathering Place!  The park and trail from 27th to 35th Streets, including the east end of the Pedestrian Bridge, must remain closed until the project’s expected completion in late 2017.  Riverside Drive is due to close in July 2015, with multiple detour routes planned to ease the inconvenience as much as possible.  Extensive trenching, earth moving, road work and infrastructure relocation and replacement will be taking place, including the creation of two huge land bridges that will span a realigned Riverside Drive.  The safety of our park users and the construction workers is of utmost importance to help assure an accident-free project.  The many agencies and organizations involved in this project will accelerate the pace of activity to the extent possible, while balancing the need for nearby residential areas to have quiet hours.  We are grateful for your patience and understanding.  Tulsa’s Gathering Place will be a public park like no other, offering enhancements and connections to our river for everyone in Tulsa to enjoy.  Follow this link for additional information about Tulsa’s Gathering Place.

  • West Bank – River West Festival Park – 2100 South Jackson

The River West Festival Park is undergoing renovation, creating a beautiful new space for outdoor recreation and entertainment.  The work is well underway, with completion scheduled for fall of 2015.  Improvements to the park will include expanded parking, a new playground, a restroom, a performance platform with views of the downtown skyline, plus new lighting, landscaping, sidewalks and trail.  A new building near the Rowing Club will offer storage and office space for park events and operations.

  • West Bank – Festival Park to Southwest Boulevard

The section of trail behind Westport on the River located north of the Festival Park to Southwest Boulevard has been upgraded to a new, wider and safer standard.  Improvements feature new lighting and park furnishings.  Note that the Festival Park section of trail will remain under construction and closed to trail use until fall of 2015.

  • West Bank – North of I-44 at Cherry Creek is now open!

Intermittent trail closures in this area have been necessary as the City of Tulsa expands a facility at this location.  The trail is now open and is to remain open for the duration of the project.


River Parks Trail  Map

River Parks Map
The River Parks Trail Map clearly defines segments of the River Parks paved trail system, along with facilities and points of interest.

Trail Conditions

River Parks Trail Conditions map
The River Parks Trail Conditions Map is an interactive Google map that indicates areas of construction or potential hazards along the River Parks trail system.

Turkey Mountain Area Ownership Map

The River Parks Area Ownership Map shows land ownership for the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area. DOWNLOAD THE TURKEY MOUNTAIN AREA OWNERSHIP MAP (pdf)