River Parks Event Application

Thank you for your interest in staging an event in River Parks. Below is our Event Application that should be filled out completely. If you have already spoken with a member of our staff, we have most likely held your event date for you, pending the submission and approval of your application. This Event Application should be submitted 45 days prior to the requested date for consideration.

If there are any questions or conflicts, we will contact you after our review of your application. If your application is approved, we will send you an Event Contract; this is usually sent about three weeks prior to your event.

Please remember that until you have a signed Event Contract from this office and have met all the requirements specified in the Contract (including a valid certificate of insurance and paid park usage fee), you do not have legal authorization to hold an event in River Parks. Please feel free to contact Ryan Howell at (918) 596-2008 if you have any questions.

Event Application

The next five questions are for runs, walks, or other athletic competitions

All Event Required Information





Submission of this form indicates acknowledgement of the following:

1. River Parks Authority retains the sole rights to issue event contracts for any event held in whole or in part on Park property. This application which you have just completed is not a contract and implies no authority to hold an event at River Parks. *

2. See attached "Partial List of Policies Governing Events at River Parks" and "Equipment & Facilities Rental Rates" for further information on Park usage. *

3. If accepted, you will receive a contract for your signature. A copy of the Contract must be available at your event to River Parks employees or other officials. *

4. Your contract will not be in effect unless a valid certificate of insurance and payment of your park usage fee is received by River Parks prior to your event. *

5. If you are permitted to have vendors at the event, permittee is responsible for applying to, paying and or collecting any and all fees owed to the Oklahoma Tax Commission. *

6. You specifically will not have permission for (A.) any amplification of sound, (B.) vehicles on park property, or (C.) sales of any kind, unless so stated in writing in the Event Contract from River Park *

This Event Application must be received 45 days prior to the requested date for consideration. *

Please fill out name, initials, and date below to indicate acceptance of the above terms.