Ongoing Park Repairs and Upgrades

Ongoing Park Repairs and Upgrades

Over the next few weeks and months, there will be a variety of repairs and improvements occurring at River Parks.

  • 71st – Joe Creek East Bank trail construction has begun. This project will upgrade the trail between 71st St and Joe creek to the “dual-trail” standard that is used in other areas of River Parks.

We thank you for your patience as we complete these repairs and upgrades at River Parks!

River Parks Receives $5,000 Donation from Local Run

River Parks Receives $5,000 Donation from Local Run

River Parks would like to thank Kathy Hoover and Derk Pinkerton of RunnersWorld Tulsa for their donation of $5,000 from their Half & Half Marathon! Their generous donation will be used to install 911 markers at Turkey Mountain and pay for a large portion of the trail re-striping from 11th to 71st.

Visit RunnersWorld Tulsa online or at 4329 South Peoria in Tulsa.

ODOT Looking for Citizen Input on I-244 Bike/Pedestrian Walkway

ODOT Looking for Citizen Input on I-244 Bike/Pedestrian Walkway

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is seeking citizen input on a revised design concept for the bicycle/pedestrian facility along the I-244 eastbound bridge over the Arkansas River in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The revised concept is a modification from the original design of the pedestrian bridge that was proposed to span the entire length of the I-244 Eastbound bridge. The revised design proposes that the pedestrian bridge go part of the way across the bridge with the viewing platform closer to the future Route 66 history center to the east. Pedestrian traffic will have access to this viewing platform from either side of the river using the connecting pedestrian trail that spans the westbound bridge, which is currently under construction. The revised concept meets the Department’s goal of providing the public a scenic view of the historic Cyrus Avery Route 66 Memorial Bridge, while more efficiently using available construction funding.

View the proposed changes and feedback channels in PDF form HERE:

Top Five River Parks Attractions!

Top Five River Parks Attractions!

Many park visitors may find the miles of trail and hundreds of acres that are River Parks to be slightly overwhelming. With that in mind, here are five attractions at River Parks that garner the most interest from the public:

Tulsa Oktoberfest

Held annually at the River West Festival Park, Tulsa Oktoberfest features giant tents, authentic German atmosphere, and beverages and food you’ll love. The festival is attended by well over 60,000 people every year.

29th Street Pedestrian Bridge

The Pedestrian Bridge, formerly used by the Midland Valley Railroad, spans the river’s 1,400-foot channel at 29th and Riverside.  Hundreds of persons cross the bridge each day.

OK Scotfest

This Celtic festival features the Highland Games and the all-new MacBeerFest. OK Scotfest received national media attention in 2011 when event coordinators constructed the World’s Largest Kilt in honor of the festival.

Park Art

Visitors to River Parks are often pleasantly surprised by the amount of art in the park. Thanks to NatureWorks and other artists and donations, River Parks boasts a work of art for every mile of trail along the east bank. Read more about art in the park here.

Zink Lake

This urban lake is created by a low-water dam underneath the Pedestrian Bridge near 31st Street and Riverside Drive.